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Craft-A-Brew Catalyst Fermentation Vessel 6.5gal


Craft-A-Brew Catalyst Fermentation Vessel 6.5gal

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The Catalyst Fermentation System (6.5 Gallons) is an innovative piece of homebrewing equipment that simplifies the fermentation process, making it easier than ever to make great beer at home.

We’ve taken features seen only in high-end, professional brewing equipment and integrated them into a compact homebrewing system that is both functional and elegant.

With The Catalyst, weメve not only solved issues of current homebrewing equipment, but weメve also introduced innovative and practical features, making it a convenient tool for first-time brewers and experts alike.

We believe form and function are equally important. Which is why we not only focused on making a product that works, but one that looks good too. The Catalyst introduces elegant functionality and good design into the world of home brewing, so you have equipment worth showing off rather than being hidden in a closet.

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Weight 10.1 lbs
Dimensions 16.12 × 16.12 × 18.12 in


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