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20qt. Stainless Steel Kettle 5gal.


20qt. Stainless Steel Kettle 5gal.

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This small 5 gallon kettle is a great kettle for the beginning brewer to learn on, as it holds a manageable sized batch and it’s available for a very affordable price. It is also perfect for the craft brewer who enjoys making several small batches instead of one large batch. This economical brew kettle is high quality stainless steel. It features 0.5-mm thick sides and bottom, and riveted stainless steel handles. This 5 gallon kettle can safely hold up to 3 gallons of wort while boiling, making it the perfect size for extract brewing right in your own home!

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 12.75 × 13.25 × 12.75 in


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